Concerned for us

I have known Stuart Hughes for many years and one of the things that can be said of him is that he obeys the dictates of his own conscience.

He has the reputation of being the man to approach if you want to get something done, as the interests of Sidmouth and Sidmouth people are his prime concern.

I spent a few years working with Stuart on the town council where, I must confess, I earned something of a reputation for not slavishly following preconceived ideas but made up my own mind how I should vote.

I had the opportunity to stand for election to East Devon District Council but decided against doing so as I could not bring myself to accept the principle of obeying a party whip.

So, what is my opinion on the Stuart Hughes issue? I feel that the electorate have chosen to vote for a candidate to speak his mind on their behalf according to his conscience and not slavishly follow the dictates of other persons who tell him what to vote.

But we are assured that this is not the issue.Hmm.

Frank J Hayward

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