Connaught Gardens - A bridge too far?

SIR - I speak for many Sidmouth residents and people of standing in the local community who are prevented from making a public statement, due to protocol, who are opposed to a walkway being erected between the Manor Road Car Park and Connaught Gardens.

Indeed, it is a Bridge too Far and the expense of construction and yearly maintenance would fall heavily on the ratepayers of East Devon, all because of the egotistical attitude of Freddy Wedderburn and a few misguided supporters.

The Connaught Gardens have been there since 1934 when they were given to the town. If easy access is now required, then the answer is to create a narrowing of the road near the west entrance to the gardens and raise the level of the road to allow wheelchair users to progress directly from the north footpath into the gardens. This would cost very little, slow the traffic and would not spoil the appearance. In addition, I can find no record of there ever being a serious accident at this location.

As for the reported support of a bridge from Hugo Swire MP, I would respectfully suggest that he, as Minster of State for Northern Ireland, concentrates on building bridges between the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland.

The question is, will Freddy Wedderburn’s next project be to construct a pedestrian underpass somewhere under the Esplanade?

David E Ambrose

88 Temple Street, Sidmouth