SIR - Robin Farrant’s comments about cyclists along the Byes (Midweek Herald, August 29) highlight the tensions that exist between cyclists and pedestrians. As a regular Byes cyclist and walker I can see both sides.

A prime problem is that the so-called cycle track from Sidmouth to Sidford is a bit of a mish-mash. There are two sections where pedestrians and cyclists share the same path, with no division between them; not an ideal situation. Of course cyclists should be careful on these sections.

When cycling I am constantly frustrated by the lack of consideration some pedestrians have, particularly dog walkers who have dogs off the lead or on long leash, often going across both the pedestrian and cycle tracks.

I know of one accident involving a cyclist and a dog. The surprise is that more have not occurred. No-win, no-fee lawyers could have a field day.

When I walk the Byes I know how easy it is to forget that cyclists share the same space. But I also know that some pedestrians and dog walkers just don’t care about blocking the cycle tracks. Some pedestrians deliberately walk on the cycle track, often with a mobile glued to their ear unable to hear a warning bell. Some think it is a good idea to let toddlers on fairy cycles or scooters get out of control. How sensible is that?

It is currently very difficult for a cyclist to have a safe and unimpeded passage along the cycle track. The tensions will continue until both sides show more consideration. Better signing of the cycle track would help.

B S Raby

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Bulverton Park, Sidmouth