Container danger

I make no excuse for writing to you again on the subject of road safety in Sidmouth.

I am 92 years old and spent the whole of my working life in the drawing office of Leyland Motors, Leyland, in charge of a team of draughtsmen and designers.

I can only repeat what I have written before, ie “The transport of 40ft-long containers, or indeed any 40ft payload, is illegal under international law. To ignore is playing with fire”.

If we study international law we will find the 40ft payload is illegal on a number of points. The 40ft-long container is designed for transport by sea or by rail, NOT BY ROAD. To transport by road is highly dangerous to the general public and should be abandoned immediately.

I understand my previous letters have been sent to Councillor Stuart Hughes for comment. There has been no comment, and he is playing with fire.

Harry Walkden

Maldon Road

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