Costa “thanks”

SIR - I wish to thank Valerie Bettag for her kind, generous offer to be the first customer to enter the new Sidmouth store on the opening day and donating �100 to the Costa Foundation, which is a charity that supports the coffee growing communities in Africa and South America.

I would also like to thank the lovely people that delighted us with the warm reception we received on the opening, especially a local kind lady called Karen, who presented us with a ‘Good Luck’ balloon on the opening.

We received many votes of thanks, also, on the restoration of The Old Ship and painstaking work carried out by the conservation specialists and PEP Contractors, which James oversaw with great care and attention.

One would hope that past opposition would accept the benefit Costa has brought to the town and that they would come along and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that Mike, Darryl and the Costa team have created.

April Witty

(James Witty’s Mum)

via email