Council HQ plea

SIR - Further to my letter and your article in last week’s Herald about the Knowle headquarters, it seems to me that EDDC has given no consideration to Sidmouth over its decision to move to Honiton.

The Knowle Hotel was originally bought by Sidmouth Urban District Council in 1968 and passed to EDDC in 1974 under local government reforms. Surely, if EDDC sells the Knowle to fund its move, something should come to Sidmouth other than a block of flats!

The town would also lose 400 quality jobs and the local expenditure associated with having the HQ in the town.

Whether it’s in their handling of the new health centre, Port Royal, the Fortfield development, 150 proposed new houses or the new industrial estate, EDDC does not seem to have the best interests of Sidmouth at heart.

L J Cotton

5 Bennetts Hill, Sidmouth