Council proposals ‘unacceptable’

Sir - There has been severe criticism both inside and outside your pages at the proposed sites on AONB land for additional housing and/or employment facilities.

The assumption appears to be that the EDDC has chosen these areas of their own accord, despite their unsuitability !

As I understand it, this is not the case. The reality is that these sites have been potentially allocated for development simply because their current owners have recently offered to sell their land to the council, presumably just to make money for themselves as a result of the council’s desperation for development land !

There is no evidence that the council have even told the freeholders that these sites are impractical, are outside the limits for development, but have taken the easy route by just waiting to see if there are sufficient objections ....

One can only hope that the council now realize that local residents will simply not accept these proposals and if they are advanced further, there will be hell to pay !

Michael Rose, SVA Member

Sidcliffe Farmhouse, Sid Road, Sidmouth