Council services merger: A question of saving!

SIR - I note that the proposed merger of some EDDC services with those of South Somerset has been shelved. The benefits of proceeding with this merger have been trumpeted at �2.1 million annually, after costs of �3.1 million, a very good return on investment, if true.

The reason for the shelving of the proposal is that EDDC and SSDC have “whittled” down their budget deficits to a manageable level.

This is our, taxpayers, money they are talking about. If there are savings of the order quoted to be made by merging services, then, surely, this should still be pursued, irrespective of the internal savings made by the respective Councils. Or am I missing something?

It also begs the question that if EDDC can miraculously find �1.4 million of savings now, why didn’t they do it before!

Puzzled Council Taxpayer