Council should get its housing priorities right

SIR In response to the letter on the way housing is allocated within Sidmouth.

SIR - In response to the letter on the way housing is allocated within Sidmouth. (When will we get on property ladder? Herald, January 25)I agree with the writer 100 per cent as I am in the exact same position. My wife and I have been on the council list since March 2003. When my wife fell pregnant in July 2006, we were told we would move from the silver into the gold band as soon as our child was born. At the time we were living with my wife's parents and we were being evicted as there was not enough room for us all to live. In February 2007, we moved into private rented accommodation on the proviso that our banding would not be affected by doing so. We were advised of this by the assistant chief housing officer and when my son was born in April 2007 we remained in the silver band.We are now in January 2008 and we have just had to move out of our private rented accommodation and back in with my wife's parents once again, as we were served with a notification to quit by our landlord. So now the three of us are sharing a double bedroom.It is with regret that I write this letter. The council seems to have its own rules for normal honest working families, and sympathy for the people who are nothing but wasters, drug dealers and benefit fraudsters who play the system for everything they can get.I hope the person who wrote the letter last week continues his fight to get a proper and affordable home for his family.NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED

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