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MADAM - I write in answer to Mr Hartnell s letter, Sidmouth Herald Friday, October 2, entitled Boards are a vital tool of business .

MADAM - I write in answer to Mr Hartnell's letter, Sidmouth Herald Friday, October 2, entitled 'Boards are a vital tool of business'.

My fellow councillors and I are not against signs outside of shops and hotels, in fact, they add to the street scene if placed close to the businesses and do not impede or cause a hazard to pedestrians. One per business should suffice.

My parents ran a business in a downturn and were successful because they gave good service and built up goodwill. I also ran a business, so I know the highs and lows that one has to face.

Councillor G Liverton and I advocated tables and chairs to be allowed outside restaurants and pubs where there is space, and it was safe to do so, many years ago.

My last point is that town councillors do not get paid; we are given a very small allowance to set against, but not fully cover, expenses necessary for us to do our job.

Mary Jolly

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