Courteous kids

Recently, when walking home alongside Sidmouth Town football pitch, we met a small group of children on fairy cycles coming in the opposite direction.

Before we would have met, the children got off the footpath and waited on the grass for us to continue past them on the footpath.

They were a courteous delight. We have had bicycle bells rung at us to tell us to get out of the way by adult cyclists, but not by children.

Today – Wednesday, September 18 – we waited to board a bus to Seaton at Sidmouth Triangle. There was a lady with limited mobility waiting for the same bus.

A lady in front of us in the queue gave way to this lady, as did my wife and I.

There was to the side a queue jumper. He was self-important; queuing was not for the likes of him, he merely barged in to the front of the queue, and across the lady with limited mobility and boarded the bus before her.

The same bus was quite full, and with some passengers standing the gentleman seated in front of us gave a female standing passenger his seat – one of two.

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This person walked to the seat, carefully sat in the outside seat of the pair. Put her bag on the inside seat and watched passengers stand.

Whose manners do you find more acceptable – that of elderly passengers who should know better, or the much maligned children?

Don Jones

(via email)