Cover is lacking

My sympathies to the Winchester family for the mindless vandalism to their shop window. Yes, I agree, let’s get them in court.

However, this is going to be difficult as police cover in Sidmouth Friday/Saturday night appears to be non-existent.

If memory serves correctly, the superintendent in charge of this area announced last year that the nearest police officer would be in Honiton.

Criminals are not stupid and realise that there is little chance of being caught. I suffer in a small way from young drunks shouting and swearing in Coburg Road on every Friday/Saturday night.

Bill Bratton in New York and his “broken windows” policy (not zero tolerance) showed the way by putting more police on the beat. NY is now one of the safest cities on earth.

As someone who worked with the police late at night I have great admiration for the average PC.

I believe the problem is that the police “service”, as opposed to “force”, is more interested in massaging crime figures down to get that next promotion. The phrase “lions led by donkeys” springs to mind.

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Lawrie Brownlee

Station Road