Cutbacks are just completely mad


- Credit: Archant

Who in their right mind decided to demolish Stowford Day Centre?

These relatively new premises were asking to be adapted and extended as necessary to act as the new health centre, assuming of course the argument was won to relocate from Sidford.

Of course, I am forgetting. It is public money financing this latest episode of destruction. No private individual would spend money like this. How I wish the decision makers would be brought before Margaret Hodge, MP, the chair of the Public Accounts Committee to face a vigorous grilling so as to justify their actions. I am quite sure they would fail miserably.

I suppose the normal council view would be that the day centre was not fit for purpose. Such a tedious phrase constantly being churned out. How much longer must the throw-away attitude persist? What is next for EDDC (East Devon Demolition Contractors)? With public money being squandered like this, little wonder the NHS is in financial crisis.

Hopefully, come the elections next May, the voters will continue this path for change against those in power not fit for purpose.

As to the whole sorry saga, Victor Meldrew would definitely have a view.....I DON’T BELIEVE IT !!!

Peter Atkinson via email