Dangerous dogs

The cycle track from Sidmouth to Sidford through the Byes is a complete waste of time for me because of dogs running all over the place.

At best they are a nuisance when they run at random across the track, but at worst they are dangerous.

I have been chased several times by dogs snapping at my legs with the owners showing no concern, and even finding it amusing if I protest.

The council did a great job in creating this facility, but I choose to go up the main road as I find the traffic less hazardous than the dogs.

The council should enforce the rule saying dogs must be on leads or clear the air and scrap the rule.

I am not a renegade hooligan cyclist. I am in my 70s and cycle in a polite, law-abiding and courteous way, whether on the road or when I used the cycle track.

I have lived in Sidmouth for 30 years and agree with the person two weeks ago who expressed concern over the town being influenced by vested interest groups, usually made up of retired people. Whilst these people are well meaning and have very often suffered personal sadness, they should not force their views on the rest of us. Also, nobody ever asked me if I wanted Sidmouth to be an Arboretum Town, which sounds great from a scenic point of view, but it’s not much fun for youngsters trying to play football or rounders when all the open spaces have trees stuck in the middle of them.

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