Day centre fear

SIR - Whilst I must admire the construction of the Stowford Community Centre, a truly worthwhile cause, how sad it is that the Stowford Day Centre (but a stone’s throw away) appears to be fighting for survival.

Initially, the Day Centre was open all week, day and night, and now operates just three days a week.

Any visitor to the Centre would be so impressed at the accommodation available in this comparatively new building.

There can be no doubt that, with our ever-ageing population, there has never been more need for this practical care in the community.

It is too easy to conclude that care should be offered in the individual’s own home, but, in fairness to their own carers, they need and deserve respite from their daily life of care.

Those being cared for undoubtedly benefit from interaction with others and their carers deserve the ability to enjoy time off to recharge their batteries, otherwise their own health will suffer, at the expense of the community.

If the authorities thought that it was an invaluable asset when the Centre was built (I believe less than 20 years ago) then it should be equally treasured now and used properly to its full potential.

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Surely we cannot just accept that we live in a throw-away society and be content to let it close.

Peter Atkinson

Knowle House,

Knowle Drive,