Debateable point

SIR - Am I the only reader who groans in dismay on reaching your letters page to find yet more GOD debate??

This has been going on for weeks, but the current December 2 issue made me lose the will to live.

It contained SIX such letters, taking up most of the letter space. While no doubt the views expressed are sincerely meant, I question whether our local newspaper is the appropriate place for these truly boring longwinded religious discussions.

Please understand that I support the right of any individual to hold and freely express his or her beliefs, but surely this is better done through the religious press and church discussion groups.

I would normally expect my local newspaper to contain local news; can you clarify for me how any of these letters have any bearing on real local issues and events in Sidmouth?

Please consider calling an end to this pointless barrage of religious opinion.

B K Smith

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ED: I am sure you recognise that topics tend to go in phases and, perhaps, in the run-up to Christmas, it is understandable that the themes of religious faith and belief might become pre-eminent. We do try and reflect all shades of opinion here and I am sure that is the correct approach. Your letter, of course, is published in that spirit.