Defending gulls

I was dismayed to read the misguided comments in recent editions of the Sidmouth Herald concerning the prevalence and dangers of the Sidmouth seagulls which seem to be so ill-appreciated by many people.

They are a great asset to Sidmouth and should be closely protected; they are part of what one would expect when visiting Sidmouth and living by the sea.

Most visitors must be pleased to hear their cries and see these beautiful birds; their sound should be one of the first things to greet them when they arrive.

If some people do not like them, why do they live in “their” habitat?

These birds are all part of the attraction that Sidmouth must have for our much needed visitors.

Sidmouth without a flock of seagulls would be like a garden without its garden birds - very much the poorer.

As for saying they attack people - they are, after all, wild birds.

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I feel sure swans are far more likely to attack people if they feel threatened - are we supposed to kill them for this reason?

I think not!

I have lived here for many years, and have always found the gulls to be shy, nervous birds - not without good reason it seems!

In conclusion, I do hope nothing is done to harm them and their numbers are allowed to increase and add to the ambience of this lovely seaside resort.

David Johnson

Sid Road, Sidmouth