With reference to your article in last week’s Herald concerning bin collection in Temple Street, I was appalled at the way Mr Weaver was treated by the EDDC employee who took his call.

The employee’s reply to Mr Weaver was very insulting and they should be disciplined for this behaviour towards a resident.

Mr Weaver’s request to continue to put his bin in a place where it will not be likely to cause an accident is entirely understandable.

The requirement of EDDC for him to put his bin on the pavement where it is a serious hazard to pedestrians, is totally lacking in common sense. But this seems to be a regular occurrence for decisions coming from the Knowle in recent times. We all pay their wages and should be able to expect at least a courteous reply.

As the EDDC decision is both discourteous and unfair I urge Mr Weaver to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman for satisfaction in this matter. The forms to do this are available from the EDDC Knowle Offices.

Keith J Northover

by email