District budget will lead to problems

MADAM - In reply to the Blue-tinted response from John Rowland Are you asking for a Tax Rise (March 20), my answer to him is in this instance is yes a small one please .

MADAM - In reply to the 'Blue-tinted' response from John Rowland 'Are you asking for a Tax Rise' (March 20), my answer to him is in this instance is 'yes a small one please'. Local councils of all colours and political persuasions have a responsibility to provide a service to all residents.

The blatant political gerry-mandering by Council Leader Sara Randall Johnson in setting an unsustainable zero rate increase will have severe implications next year when services have to be cut back far more heavily as a result of setting a rate which relies on taking funds from council reserves to balance the budget. I'm sure Mr Rowland wouldn't continue to sustain his own household spending by continuing to rely on his savings, as this can only lead to problems later down the line.

In the real world, where most of us live, we all rely, to a greater or lesser degree, on the services councils' provide for us all. There will always be a need for a balance between services and council tax levels. However, setting budgets which don't add up for pure political posturing is irresponsible to those residents next year who will need services the most and will pay for this year's folly.

Mr Rowland can rest assured that, as a former Local Government Officer and County Councillor, I have a reasonable grasp of Local Government Finance. The example of EDDC budget setting is more akin to Alice in Wonderland than real world finance.

Tony Badcock

21 Slade Close

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