Disturbance in aid of wedded bliss

SIR - Shame on the Mount Pleasant Hotel for the disturbance they caused on the evening (right through to the early hours of the morning) of Saturday, December 3.

This was our first visit to Sidmouth and we were visiting friends at the weekend, one of whom is quite ill. The constant music was louder than anything we’ve heard.

It seems whoever organised this evening miscalculated the volume of noise from the tent. Did they not realise that although walls may contain the noise, a fabric tent doesn’t, so we heard everything at full blast.

Not content with the constant bang, bang of music which went on until around midnight, we then had to put up with some awful singing until around 3am.

By all means have a party, but do think of your neighbours and remember; music at full volume in a tent means your neighbours get it at full volume too.

F Graham

George Street, Exeter

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