Do it by the book

Ask, and ye shall receive. Not so far as getting proper responses from East Devon District Council are concerned.

What a farce the opening question session of full council meetings has become – although unfortunately not in the Brian Rix bracket of yesteryear, but rather a tragedy.

It does seem that councillors, just like members of parliament, believe that they never have to answer a question.

We too can practise this art, when they come touting for support at the next election. When the time comes that our “leading” councillors are finally put out to grass, and it cannot come too soon, I have the perfect solution to their retirement jobs.

Become a book critic. They don’t even need to read them, never mind understand them. All they have to do is to rubbish them in one easy lesson. This should come as second nature.

Peter Atkinson

Knowle House

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