Does God exist?

Sir - David Blumson (agnostic) wants “proof” that God exists.

To acknowledge that one doesn’t know something, is the first step.

I assume that he wants “scientific” proof?

However, there is so much that cannot be “proved” in this way!

One cannot prove which picture is most beautiful; or which music is most perfect; or what is the right moral thing to do! There are things that mums “know” about their own baby that cannot be proved in a laboratory.

Can any of us scientifically “prove” that our mother loves us - although most of us happily “know” it!

There are those like the author John Clayton who taught physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, and physical science. He was an atheist for many years and came to believe in God through his studies in science. Others of us simply looked at our amazing world, and found it illogical to believe it all happened by chance without a creator.

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David is obviously not one of those!

We believe so many things because we believe the words of others.

I have never seen a ‘black hole’ in space, or a ‘quark’ of matter; never stood on the moon or at the bottom of the Mariano trench - so I have to trust those who have and say they exist.

There are those like Moses, Isaiah and John on Patmos, who say that they actually “saw” God. I have to either trust their word, or call them liars!

My own experience over 60 years has only reinforced that conviction.

I am actually in a “win-win” situation! Throughout this life I have the peace of mind that my Heavenly Father cares for me in all situations, and will one day explain all perplexities. The final proof will be at death when I will fully experience my belief. But, if I am wrong, I will never know that I am!

However, for the unbeliever, who is forever alone in this life, no one to say ‘thank you‘ to when things go well; after death they will never know if they are right. But, if they are wrong - God have mercy on them!

Paul Prosser

Woolbrook Rise

PS If you want an academic argument, start with the cosmological.