Dog blight

SIR - It seems it is that time of year again when we are beset by a small group, though it seems numerous, of somnambulists and illiterates. I refer to that section of the dog-owning public which appears to be unable or unwilling, to heed the notices concerning dogs on the beach.

They have had free range on the beach for the past seven months. So they should be able to restrain themselves from letting their unwitting pets wander at will instead of keeping to the designated areas.

The notices could not be clearer to any intelligent person, although the disappearance of the 100 metre post at Jacob’s Ladder beach can cause some confusion.

I suppose it is all down to the same attitude that makes people feed the seagulls whilst seated facing the signs asking them not to. I wonder whether the transgressors realise they could be given a fixed penalty notice. It has happened.

Hey ho! It must be summer again after all.

A Garnett

Sid Road, Sidmouth