Dog distinct areas


- Credit: Archant

I have just returned from a very pleasant walk gathering conkers with my little boy.

We got quite a lot of lovely ones, but also got something not so pleasant - both of us, at separate stages of our walk, had a boot tread full of dog mess.

There was also some on his trike tires too.

I’m so fed up with telling my children to watch where they walk - and this time I was as careful as possible and I got it too. There are a few points I’d like to make:

1. How can people possibly tell where their dogs are messing when they aren’t even in sight of them? Or they are standing talking? Or have two or three dogs running in different directions?

2. How do dog owners who are in mobility scooters get out to clear up the mess?

3. Same for cyclists with dogs.

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Does anyone else think it might be a good idea that we could have one side of the river for dogs on leads only, one side for dogs off leads?

Then I would be able to take my children out without them being knocked off their bikes by alsatians, or stepping in dog mess.

I suppose it’d be hard to make it work but I’m fed up.


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