Dog mess blight

SIR - Thanks to fundraising and the hard work of the gardens team we, staff and children at Sidmouth Daycare Nursery, can once again enjoy the lovely creatures in our parks.

We visit the peacock, donkey, fish and the great serpent. They are great topics of conversation and fun.

What a shame that, recently, we have to dodge dog mess almost every day to do so!!!!

Sadly, we have come to expect this in The Byes, but in the town gardens.

How can we possibly teach our children to respect the place we live in when the adults in charge of those dogs so obviously don’t!

Shame on you - take some time to read those signs, pick up your mess and don’t spoil it for us!

Thank you

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Karin Persson

On behalf of staff and children of Sidmouth Daycare Nursery

All Saints Road, Sidmouth