Dog owners, sort it out!

We have had dogs for over 20 years and I have seen a big increase in dog owners – and some of them shouldn’t be.

I walk my dog round Margaret Meadows and down The Byes, and I agree with what people are saying about dog mess.

I’ve seen everything and it is annoying to see the mess. In the last couple of weeks I have had to tell two people and a couple that their dog has just had a dump, and the people are of all ages.

I’ve seen a person with two, three, four or more dogs run in all directions. If they all dump around at the same time it’s just luck if they manage to pick it all up.

This morning, I had to tell a dog owner that their dog had just dumped in Margaret’s Meadow – this person had two dogs and one did a dump just yards in front and to the left of that person, but they were about to walk past it because they were too busy texting and not keeping an eye on their dogs.

I feel sorry for the volunteers that look after Margaret’s Meadow. I have seen a lot of dog mess and, if it carries on, one day Margaret’s Meadow will be a no-go area for dogs and it will be dogs on leads only down The Byes all because of inconsiderate dog owners.

If a child falls in dog mess and catches a disease, just think, it could be your child or grandchild.

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JC Hayes

Arcot Park, Sidmouth