Dogs did not run at mother and child

MADAM - I hope you will publish this letter in response to the one last week, from Miss K Clark regarding dog attacks on children.

MADAM - I hope you will publish this letter in response to the one last week, from Miss K Clark regarding dog attacks on children.

Apart from the date and time, little else ties in with my interpretation of events. When I arrived at Sid Park Road, the other lady and her dog, whom I know by sight, were walking towards the Byes. My dog, is an elderly arthritic 'Lassie' collie, who has to be helped in and out of the car, and she is well known in the area. She most certainly did not jump out of my car or run at the young lady and her child, as sadly she no longer has the ability to run. We had to pass the young lady and her daughter to get to the path. The other lady was ahead of me and her dog did stop and look at them, but that was all. The woman then proceeded to flap her arms about and the other lady called her dog away. My dog walked past with no interest in them whatsoever. She did not have both dogs all over herself and her daughter. As for the conversation, this was non -existent, if she had said what she claimed in her letter I would certainly have stayed and discussed it with her. Both dogs by the way are anything but black.

As for all the dog attacks in the news, these are thankfully few and far between. In my living memory, I cannot remember a dog attack on a child in the Byes. My grandchildren have, and continue to play there quite safely. I feel a total sense of outrage at such a blatant piece of fiction, causing mischief, and giving the anti-dog brigade yet another stick with which to beat us.

Mrs J Fry

7 Jubilee Gardens