Don’t let Knowle go

SIR - It was a glorious week of sunshine to start spring last week, and Sidmouth was looking its best. Everyone was taking the early opportunity to enjoy the beach, and many, the sea!

In response to the Herald’s articles regarding the sale and possible redevelopment of the Knowle, house and grounds, I felt I should visit it again - not something I have done at this time of year.

For a Sunday morning, it was a haven of tranquillity and beauty. I had caught the last of the daffodils, and early azaleas and rhododendrons were flowering. There are some magnificent trees, including the great, spreading pine, and the fascinating monkey puzzle tree. The sweep of the lawns with the view down to the sea is unique, and children must delight in seeing so many rabbits!

I have fond memories of the house and gardens, as my daughter held her wedding there, on a similarly fine, October day.

It is certainly a beautiful area of Sidmouth; it would be sad to lose it.

Eve Mathews

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