Don’t ruin town

How sad to see Elizabeth Hall is no more on Exmouth seafront, to be replaced by something that would be better suited to the North Circular in London.

You already have match-pot flats on Exmouth Docks that look as though they are a transplant from Wapping with Dorothy and Toto’s shed perched on top.

I was going through some photographs and found an ideal place for your Splash Park that East Devon District Council (EDDC) should really consider.

Sidmouth could get rid of its scout hut and toilets and rebuild on the grass without the need to close any of Exmouth’s seafront attractions, after all, the businesses at Exmouth have been there many years and Exmouth has lots of sand to play on. Sidmouth has stones!

You could do the same at Sidmouth as you have done at Orcombe Point – stick some flag poles and concrete coffins on the roundabout and build a Premier Inn on the seafront.

Don’t spoil Exmouth or turn it into Southend or Bournmouth. EDDC should have listened to Jilly Green and the Friends of Elizabeth Hall.

K Godfrey

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