Don’t sell Knowle for redevelopment

Sir - It is now out in the open that we don’t need EDDC at the Knowle, something that has been obvious for a while.

They could easily rent rooms for their meeting times at Devon County Council and save money and not need to lose so many jobs. I suspect that they will actually go to Cranbrook.

Realistically, the best thing to do with the Knowle would be to make it the hospital and health centre.

It has parking, is on the bus route, then the current hospital/health centre premises could be sold to the highest bidder as it is all housing around them.

To sell the Knowle for development would be tragic as it has beautiful grounds and would then be an eyesore. We do not have the infrastructure to have any more major development in Sidmouth.

It is not just spoiling the visual image of the place, we will need more drainage, sewerage, gas, electric etc.

The roads cannot cope with the traffic that we have now, development means that we need to add two cars to every house and our roads are just not made for that and the traffic.

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If we do not curtail the development, we will no longer have a beauty spot that people wish to come and stay in as a holiday town or live in because we are overdeveloped.

Lynn Ellis

By email