Double standard

I have every sympathy with the three churchgoers who received parking tickets while attending a Sunday service at the Methodist Church and parking their vehicles on a double yellow line.

By displaying a blue disabled parking permit they are allowed to park on a double yellow line providing that no obstruction is caused.

No mention is made in the regulations that they are not allowed to park within the stated distance of a road junction.

In days gone by that distance was 25 yards.

If the traffic wardens in East Devon are to continually apply this rule in Sidmouth then why do they not apply this rule and that of enforcing the double and single yellow road markings in all roads?

Especially Temple Street, where nearly every day there are vehicles parked close to the entrance to Temple Street car park without displaying a disabled parking permit or unloading or loading goods within the the yellow road markings

As I say, one rule for all but not for others.

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Please may we have the return of real police officers and traffic wardens.

David E Ambrose

(Retired police officer)

Temple Street