Dream come true

May I through your columns thank everybody who has helped me make my daughter’s dream of being a majorette become a reality.

Firstly, my committee members, Mikayla, Amanda, Sam, Katie, Alison, Rachel, Rouselle, Lisa and Ami.

Secondly, our sponsors who had faith in us – Julie of Otters Childcare; Gareth Guck, paving specialist; and our new sponsor Malden House – I am determined to make you all proud to be our sponsors.

I would also like to thank the Keith Owen Fund for their financial help, who have also pledged to match pound for pound any sponsorship deals that may arise.

We are still looking for sponsors to help us fund the girls’ (and boy’s) performance dresses/suit.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Sidmouth Herald for helping with the publicity that we needed to get us off the ground – thank you all so much for making Bethany’s, and many other of Sidmouth’s children, dream come true.

Deborah Parsons

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