Drill Hall selloff to highest bidder?

SIR - There is a likelihood that EDDC will sell off the Drill Hall and other Port Royal assets to the highest bidder.

They belonged to the people of Sidmouth, but now, with changes to local government and, recently, national government having decided the public do not need to be consulted, it is open to EDDC to sell off “the family silver”.

Are we now to have previous assets taken from us? The Lifeboat Station and the Sailing club must be seriously worried and the Drill Hall should be a community resource, situated as it is in a prime position.

EDDC are already making money from the car parks and now wish to make more by the sale of Port Royal.

The good of the town should be paramount, with facilities for the Lifeboat Station and Sailing Club protected, an indoor community market and sheltered winter garden with provision for refreshments.

Above all, the residents and ordinary tourists should be the first consideration and the character of our beautiful town preserved.

Miriam Brown

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