Drop the Knowle project

SIR - Following on from Mr Williams’s problem with his MATHS! We now have the usual protestations and untruths from Mr Diviani, for example “local plans far from final - we do recognise the interest and concerns of these proposals”. Absolute nonsense! The arrogance of this councillor is beyond belief.

The East Devon District Council, East Devon Business Forum and the developers decided long ago to build on our parkland, despite the overwhelming majority of Sidmouth people who find the whole project appalling.

But are these councillors’ sheep-like cohorts having second thoughts? I notice that the latest EDDC job applications state that they MAY be relocating to Honiton in 2015, yet previous adverts stated that they WILL relocate in 2015. Are these councillors losing faith in THEIR LEADER - THEY NEED TO!

I suggest that the councillor having trouble with his maths and the arrogant Mr Diviani do the good people of Sidmouth a service and drop the whole project and resign.

M Nicholls

Knowle Grange, Sidmouth