Duped by UKIP

May I say in defence of Lawrie and Sylvia Brownlee, they are good people and their hearts are in the right place.

But, unfortunately, they are duped by old UKIP propaganda.

Probably everyone has heard the sad story of the climate research scientist at the university in East Anglia who found that two of his results did not agree; he chose to continue his research using the most likely result to be correct, and sent an email to someone referring to it as “a trick”.

Nowadays, UKIP brings this incident up on every possible occasion, as did Lawrie Brownlee during the meeting at Kennaway House on April 29, expecting the public to believe that every climate research scientist throughout the world is “pulling the wool over our eyes” and that climate change is not happening, or, if it is, then none of it is caused by human activity.

An MEP for Yorkshire, Godfrey Bloom, wrote in a UKIP publication, Bulletin from Brussels, that “solar panels do not work” and “wind turbines are the absurdity of the age”.

Is anyone surprised that I support more environmentally-friendly organisations?

Verity Miriam Brown

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