EDDC listen

SIR - I want to take issue with proposed building construction for Sidmouth, especially the business park (with, I suspect, with someone like Tesco lurking in the background) at Sidford.

I, like most people I have spoken to, totally disagree with this idea. Can you imagine the abominable eyesore as you approach the town, not to mention the possibility for grid lock on the roads, especially through Sidbury?

No, listen, East Devon District Council, sat in your ivory tower;

“Wildlife and the countryside is not for us (you) to do as we see fit; we have it in trust, and must account for it to those who come after.” (quoted from George V).

And so, EDDC, please listen to the people of Sidmouth, and think again, after all, we pay your wages. He that pays the piper . . .

When asked “Have you lived here all your life?”, I say “Not yet.”

Anthony Guest

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Drakes Avenue, Sidford