EDDC’s ‘localism’

I am pleased that those who campaign for the Drill Hall to be developed for community use have gained a stay of demolition by EDDC.

Here in Exmouth we have had a similar experience which shows how EDDC deal with such matters. On the seafront, as many readers will know, is the Elizabeth Hall, which EDDC included in its plans for the so-called ‘regeneration’ of the area.

A group called Friends of Elizabeth Hall wanted the building to be updated for continued community use. Twelve thousand people signed a petition to keep the hall site for the community.

The Friends compiled an action plan and submitted it to EDDC, who said they would consider it together with the other bids.

EDDC then accepted their own preferred option – which means we are soon to have a four-storey Premier Inn on the site!

So much for “localism”, “transparency” and “the democratic process”.

Many people feel that EDDC had already decided on the Premier Inn option and the Friends’ bid had no chance.

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So, to all you Drill Hall campaigners, I wish you well – but don’t hold your breath.

Derek Farndon