Essential work

Sir - Being an OAP, I was buying my small monthly amount of fuel, which does not fill the tank by a long way. At two pumps I recognised a member of Rotary and of Sidmouth Lions doing the same. Octogenarian volunteers, all of us.

Maybe ‘Mr anonymous whinger’ was seething behind us with pound signs running down the drain before his eyes! Members of the Rotary, Lions and other voluntary groups are nearly all the retired old Sidmouth people he so resents buying fuel.

Our vehicles may not be used to earn our living, but essential to help those without and the disabled to get to appointments, visits and shopping. What we do is just as essential to the townsfolk as the plumbers, care workers and builders.

Pity he withheld his name and address or we would invite him to a nice coffee and chat to put him right about how Sidmouth works – in spite of him.

He can’t avoid reaching retirement age, like us, so we wish him a happy life with a good sense of humour into his 80s.

M Inilsbach

Ashley Crescent, Sidmouth