Evidence traced

SIR - In reply to Brian Lewis, there is plenty of evidence for the rule of the murderous King Herod of Jerusalem, who died in 4BC, aged 70, having ruled for 36 years.

Flavius Josephus in his Antiquities of the Jews refers to the early Christian community in Jerusalem and speaks of Jesus who was the Messiah. Tacitus, the Roman historian, mentions Jesus specifically in his annals, while explaining the meaning of the word Christians. Christ, from whom they derive their name, was condemned to death by the procurator Pontius Pilate in the reign of Emperor Tiberius. The Roman Suetonius described the messianic movement during the reign of the Emperor Claudius in his book The Twelve Caesars. The Jews were driven out of Rome because of Chrestus. The writer Orosius also refers to this.

The Russians are believed to have a letter, written in Christ’s own hand, to the king of Moab.

Archaeology, excavation, ancient writings, astronomical records and modern science, have produced astonishing detailed evidence for the truth of the Bible records in the Old and New Testament.

H Gohns

Glewstone Lodge, Salcombe Hill Road, Sidmouth