Excellent coverage, superb pictures!

Further to your article covering the New Year’s Day meet of East Devon Hunt at Woodbury Castle, I would like to thank you for the excellent coverage given to this event.

Although no literary expert myself, I thought the words were well chosen, informative and above all accurate, something sadly lacking in many of the publications nowadays, whether it be because of lack of knowledge, interest or research, I do not know.

The pictures were absolutely superb, and I’m not just saying that because not one, but both my children featured, as well as my horse, but because of the very positive feedback I have received.

Many of our supporters have commented that your coverage was far better than even the regional ‘country persons’ paper, The Western Morning News, whose article was so far off the mark it was almost embarrassing, and their pictures, although very good, failed to capture the beautiful setting of the meet and the wonderful backdrop of the Exe estuary as yours did.

I’m sure your paper will get some negative response through the letters column, but I can assure you that the comments I have received from supporters, customers and friends have been very, very positive and despite the still contentious issues regarding our sport, the response to your coverage proves that the general public do still see occasions like this as something that is very much part of our culture and history and an event during the festive period as traditional as carving the roast turkey on Christmas Day!

Mike Hext

Joint Master, East Devon Hunt