Excellent service from doctors

SIR - I felt I should jot a brief letter regarding the current reports and letters I have read in your newspaper.

I moved here a couple of years ago, from Brixham, where we had a ‘cutting edge’ new doctors’ surgery installed in a brand new quayside complex.

The facilities were excellent and, I guess, a considerable amount of the funding came from the private developers of the complex of apartments, within which the doctors’ surgery was part.

Maybe all of the funding came from them, Midas, as they then were, and I guess it was attached to the original planning consent.

However, the acid test of a good practice, is how quickly and efficiently we, as patients, are dealt with and treated. I must admit that, when I first saw the Sidmouth premises, I was somewhat dismayed, but I was, and still am, impressed with the speed at which a very busy practice sees and deals with its patients.

The doctors and staff, particularly the ‘back room’ receptionists and support staff, are excellent, all very polite, and the efficiency is really impressive, so our thanks should go to them.

It doesn’t really matter to us the patients what the facilities are like, as long as they are comfortable, and we are seen.

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As a suggestion, if new premises are a must, why not incorporate them into any new Fortfield redevelopment, and perhaps make the funding partly or wholly, a condition of planning approval, who knows, even car parking can be incorporated.

Alan Hickman

5 West Park Road, Sidmouth