Facts in the Bible

SIR - In his letter of November 25, entitled “Doubts of Faith” Mr Blumson declares himself to be agnostic, makes a few uninformed remarks and expresses a desire to learn through answers to questions. Potential good news I think.

No serious scholar of the biblical texts, whether believer or otherwise, doubts the historical evidence that Jesus lived and was crucified about 2,000 years ago. It is the next chapter of the story that many find difficult to accept. On the morning of the first Easter Day, the tomb was found empty - a fact. If the Romans or local Jewish people had stolen the body, would it not have materialised later, once Christianity became so popular as to threaten the whole empire, as proof that Christianity was bunkum? If the followers of Jesus had stolen the body, would they have gone to martyrs’ deaths knowing their beliefs were falsehoods? Did not Jesus just swoon and pass into unconsciousness to revive later? No, no-one ever survived a crucifixion, the Romans were experts at killing in this manner. All the evidence, which has been examined in great detail by many, unbelievers included, supports the biblical conviction that Jesus rose from the dead and lives today, changing peoples’ lives. That certainly makes him the son of God, indeed God himself.

We all come into this life without knowledge (agnostic) and, through our education processes, we learn and acquire knowledge about all manner of topics. Sadly, however, a great many people never interrogate the biblical information for themselves and remain therefore unaware of the facts contained within scripture.

If you would like to find more extensive answers to your questions Mr Blumson, I urge you to join an Alpha course at which, over a 10-week period, you will be welcomed, meet like-minded people, enjoy a meal, watch various DVDs about specific issues and be able to ask all the questions you have about Christianity. Whether or not to believe in and follow Jesus is the most important decision you will make in life because the consequences accompany you into eternity. Please look out for the advertisements for an Alpha course due to run early in 2012 at All Saints’ Church Sidmouth. It really could change your life - I can vouch for that.

Tony Miller

Cliff Road