Festive bread buying tip

SIR - I pondered on the joys of the festive season as I attempted to reach town to buy bread.

Having negotiated arctic conditions without bringing anyone down and miraculously staying on my feet, I firstly entered the Post Office and, delighted to enjoy the feel-good factor of the queue to the door, I was elated to listen to a lady of European extraction on her mobile phone for my duration to the front of this queue.

I know others were also overjoyed as they looked upwards to the Lord in wonderment. After this uplifting experience, I visited our two mini-supermarkets for the bread that had sent me on this joyous experience. None available. Apparently their juggernauts had failed to arrive.

Can’t blame EDDC for that at this time of the year, wouldn’t be right would it? Anyway, our own bakery, making its own bread on the premises, was able to justify my trip.

I left there with a tinge of guilt when I remembered my feelings towards the lady with the phone and how I wished a genie might have appeared to insert that same phone where the ‘sun don’t shine’.

I then encountered a lady of Asian ethnicity in her full native dress. As I was now in a hurry, despite the conditions, I did not have time to buy the Big Issue, but marvelled at how we are able to integrate different nationalities so seamlessly.

Makes you proud to British (probably no longer correct to say English, could be accused of something or other).

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Later, I managed to reach the Old Ship and what did I walk into? Customers moaning about the Council’s gritting policy. Humbug said I and rejoiced in the spirit of Christmas. God bless us, everyone.

Happy New Year.

Gordon Denman

10 Eaglehurst Court, Cotmaton Road, Sidmouth