Fight to save pub

SIR - My husband and I have just returned home after spending a lovely four day visit to Sidmouth. The reason for our visit was to attend the wedding of our grandson on June 3.

We would very much like to return again as we love Sidmouth, which has managed to keep its identity will all the lovely shops and pubs. Imagine our dismay whilst dining in a lovely old pub chosen by our friends from Austria that it was sold and was going to be a Costa coffee shop.

Beware people of Sidmouth. You will slowly become like most of the towns, ours included (a Victorian seaside town with a pier), full of multi-owned businesses that will surely destroy your beautiful town forever. Once you old character shops go, they will never be replaced. Over the four days with the big wedding, hotels, taxis, dining, especially Friday afternoon and evening in Dukes, we generated thousands of pounds for Sidmouth (our party that Friday included all my family, friends, cricket friends, rugby friends and university friends – say no more).

People and planners of Sidmouth, fight, fight and fight to save your lovely town.

Sheila Drew

12 Paget Place, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan