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SIR - Re Doubts of Faith. Mr Blumson claims to be an agnostic, yet would appear to have a great deal of faith.

He has a strong enough faith to deny the existence of God! If he were a true agnostic he might seek to find the answer to his own questions.

There is more proof for the existence and activity of Jesus (including the challenge of Easter’s empty tomb!) than for many things that we are happy to accept as historical truth.

We teach our children that Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55 and 54BC but the evidence for that “historical truth” is exceedingly thin. Only Julius himself wrote about it; no-one else! Political leaders have always been good at embellishing the truth in their own favour.

So, my advice to Mr Blumson is this. If he really wants to understand, then he should, first of all, open his eyes and ears and find out what is “true” and what isn’t. There are plenty of people around who can help him.

In the end, with a real open mind, he will begin to see that the idea of God and the risen Son of God is not as far-fetched as he likes to suggest. He may never be convinced, but at least he will learn the truth of what he has illogically decided to reject.

Peter R White

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Seaview, Isle of Wight

PS: Did the paper “commission” this letter as a counter to Paul Prosser’s on the same page? I once had a friend whose job involved writing letters to his own paper!

ED: All the letters that appear in the Sidmouth Herald have been sent in by members of the public.