Fine way to sort out messy streets

The adage of every silver cloud and all that is never more apt for Sidmouth. All the rain has brought an unexpected bonus by keeping the promenade free from dog dirt and ridding us of awful stench of dog urine, thus restoring the full pleasure of being able to breathe in the lovely sea air and maximising the full pleasure of Sidmouth.

Sadly, however, it did not wash away the graffiti and thousands of patches of chewing gum spread along our streets. It would appear those cretins who tarnish our lovely town seem to get away with these most obnoxious crimes because you never see any report of any one being prosecuted.

In answer to my own question, I believe this is due the fact the current fines do not cover the cost of the admin so the police turn a blind eye.

Personally, I would like this to be turned on its head so the fine not only covers all the associated time (police,court and officials, probation officers etc) but charges at least fifty percent more than actual costs so the law abiding residents at least financially benefit from the nastiness of these dreadful crimes.

For example, £350 for litter, dog running loose; £500 for spitting, dog urinating, carrying an aerosol or marker (without proper reason). Finally, £1000 for not picking up dogs’ mess and graffiti (plus the cost of removal). To make it fair all culprits with an estate over £500,000 to be charged half of one percent of of their estate.

If something like this was done on a national basis policing could become self-financing or, at least, people will start to value their towns and it would make our promenade a nicer place to walk and help keep our lovely town clean.

From a Sidmouth resident who wants our town to continue to be prosperous