Fire beacon fencing plan: ‘Why can’t humans lay off for once?’

SIR - I have been reading about the proposals to put up permanent fences around Fire Beacon, to enclose the recently-installed cattle there, and, now, I understand from the Sidmouth Herald, ponies during winter months.

I am writing to voice my objection to these proposals for the following reasons:

Fire Beacon is common land - this means that everybody who wants to use it should be able to without feeling they are entering into ‘someone’s’ field.

It is one of the few remaining wild places, where people can get away from sanitised landscapes - there should be unfettered walking and views.

I am not sure who decided that the cattle/ponies should be put up there in the first place. Fire Beacon has not had farm animals on it in my memory (I have been a resident of East Devon since 1982), so what’s new? Why do we suddenly need farm animals up there now? I think it is a spurious argument that the cattle need to be there in the first place - and putting them there wasn’t a subject for consultation. And now, in the Sidmouth Herald, it appears that an afterthought has been added that ponies will be put there too!

It can be intimidating for people to have to walk amongst cattle/ponies - and will their dogs be allowed to run amongst them and use the land as previously?

Fencing could limit access to the space for wild animals.

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The cost of �5,000 is a waste of money when people are losing their jobs and services are being cut... what makes this such a priority?

I feel very upset that there is a proposal to deface and limit access to this lovely, wild space. Why can’t humans lay off for once?

I would also like to complain that the so-called consultation exercise took place in working hours, on a working day, when working people couldn’t get there. Talk about paying lip-service to consultation!!!!

Naome Glanville

via email