Fire Beacon fury

Please note my objection to the proposals to fence Fire Beacon for cattle and ponies. I have been a resident of East Devon since the 1960’s and was raised on East Hill.

My father and grandfather worked on the forestry commission for 40 years plus, managing the forests and land in these very areas. I feel very honoured to live in such a beautiful place and have been taught to respect the countryside and delicate balance within it.

I found the quote re Fire Beacon from the Town Council on the Herald website saying “Our first duty is to protect it as a nature reserve” reassuring, with another from Charles Reed from the RSPB stating the electric fencing will have “Yellow warning signs dangling from the bright blue wire throughout the entire area” worrying! This is an area of outstanding beauty! Come on Town Council!

So I say NO to the fencing in of fire beacon!

It can be managed in another way; this land is for all of our use to enjoy including the local resident animals that have no voice, their territories suddenly blocked off with an electric fence - charming!

Once it has been destroyed it will be too late,

Sarah Watson

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Ottery St Mary

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