Folk fest concern

Having just returned from this year’s Festival ,which we have been going to for the last ten years, I think it only right that you should be aware of our observations, which I think give rise to serious concern about its future as a Folk Festival.

The real problem is that the stall traders have been allowed to take over the sea front to the extent of almost completely excluding the music and dance performers, which have always been the theme of the Festival.

As a result, the enormous crowds parading up and down the front are excluded from witnessing the wonderful amateur performers who come from all over the country.

The outcome now is there are much fewer than previous years, there being many other festivals which they can go to.

This is confirmed from the soundings we have taken to the extent that those who did come this year say never again as the whole event has lost its character.

This situation has been creeping in ever since the events were stopped at the top of the hill, despite repeated complaints and the council’s attempt to control them.

All attempts have completely failed and the matter is totally out of control, resulting in the destruction of the spirit of the Folk Festival

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Fergus and Mary Lyons

15 Alexandra Road, Clifton, Bristol