Folk fest tail wagging dog?

SIR - I agree with Brian Hall, Annette Brown, Joanna De Remer and Sally Stephens’ letters that the Folk Festival contributes financially to our shops, hotels and public houses.

However, I wonder if we have reached the point where the tail, rather than the head, is wagging the dog.

I am unaware of the Folk Festival supporting our Cottage Hospital or purchasing medical equipment for the surgery, or assisting the scouts, or a Christmas dinner for homebound seniors.

In fact, they have the need to secure funding for the Children’s Festival from outside sources.

Let us face reality. Sidmouth Folk Festival Ltd is a business.

Finally, Mr Hall’s blessing of Folk Festival based on donations and support of other voluntary and local organisations may be a clouded vision. Some give to charities simply because it may be politically or socially wise.

I am aware of the Mission Statement of Save the Children, Oxfam etc., etc. What are the social or human goals of the Folk Festival Charity? Does it have a Mission Statement?

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Possibly, if we, the residents of Sidmouth, allocated a large per cent of our daily spending to local shops, the need for Folk Festival might dissipate.

A J Cunningham